Tupperware with Buuuk.

Tupperware approached Buuuk to create an App for all the consultants of the Tupperware Community. This was done with the intention such that every consultant can use their phones to show the range products with the various promotions and discounts that Tupperware offers. Tupperware was a good opportunity to understand the way the business works in different countries. As Tupperware specialises in household products, it was essential to understand the behavioural patterns of different people from different countries.  We tried to keep the designs consistent and simple, to facilitate easy interactions with their global clientele . The most interesting learning from this project was wire-framing the different levels of discounts that Tupperware offers at different price points. Also they were introducing the kitchen wizard model, that allowed consultants to choose the products based on the ingredients and quantities that different consumers utilise in their kitchen. 


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